CR Medisystems


    Medisystems manufactures a wide range of electronic nurse-call systems. These systems are modular and can be configured for establishments from very small nursing homes to large institutional hospitals. Extremely sturdy, the oldest installed are fully functional even after more than 20 years of continuous use. Based on a simple Red-Yellow-Green signalling principle, present models incorporate a host of additional features including emergency alarm alerts, nurse presence registration, patient-nurse intercom, hospital wide code-blue alarms, call response monitoring, attendant calls, instrument alarm relays, and I-V sensors. They comprehensively address every aspect of nurse-call and require no special training to understand or operate.

    Helps patients call nurses from the bed anytime easily and reliably.
    Electrically safe and stable.
    Critical alerts designed to save lives.
    Helps nurses, caregivers & doctors provide timely care and improves their efficiency..
    Enhanced Call indication within rooms, outside rooms, in corridors and all assigned areas including monitoring desktops and mobile devices.
    Mandatory hospital alerts like emergency calls and code-blue are easy to activate and available.
    Energy efficient.
    Designed for any hospital area including Operation Theatres. Can even be extended to OPD areas.
    Helps staff focus on patient care and delivery of services. Significantly improves quality of care..
    Helps hospitals monitor and improve nurse & caregiver performance and quality management practices.
    Helps meet and fulfil NABH, ISO, JCI certification requirements.
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