CR Medisystems

    Medisystems serves to benefit the environment through the principle of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Medisystems is conscious of environmental concerns for disposal of hazardous waste in soil, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. We strive to benefit the environment through appropriate waste disposal methods. We are also conscious of benefiting the community through such recycling methods like recycling and reuse of old computers, recycling metals, plastic and glass, precious metals recovery and recycling waste paper.

    Medisystems disposes off all its electronic and production waste in an environmentally friendly manner. All electronic and Hazardous waste are sorted by category and then disposed off suitably under Maharashtra Pollution Control Board & Central Pollution Control Board norms. Medisystems electronic  related waste material is disposed through Eco Recovery Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.  We have also been awarded the ‘Green Enterprise” status by Eco Recovery Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai for regular waste disposals since 2009.

    For Medisystems sustainability is broadly defined as ‘meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. All our products are designed to be energy-efficient and cost effective. Medisystems  strives to achieve sustainability through developments of processes or management system that help improve the company’s economic prospects and high quality of life while respecting the need to sustain natural resources and protect the environment. All our programs entail commitment to environmental, social & economic health or the triple bottom line as illustrated below . Sustainability has both individual and organizational applicability and is usually a balancing act.

    Medisystems places importance on business ethics and on its role as a responsible corporate citizen. This requires the company to conduct its affairs without exception in accordance with acceptable ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant laws.

    Medisystems  emphasizes ethical and legal behavior throughout the company in all its practices. Our business conduct guidelines require all our managers to behave ethically and in conformity with the law. Our company does not tolerate illegal or unethical behavior.  The guidelines serve as the basis of our work and the relationships of our employees with each other, customers and partners.