Patient-Bed Overhead Patient Bed Lamps fixtures mounted behind the patient's bed. These have been specially engineered for life-long service in Private Rooms, ICU/MICU/HDU, Pre/Post Op, Recovery & Resuscitation beds, as also for general wards.

Epoxy powder coated aluminium body in pretreated dull satin finish with etched plate glass diffusers .

  • Mirror optic internal reflector.
  • Sealed enclosure protected from dust ingression.
  • 2 LED lamps – one oriented towards the patient bed and the other towards the ceiling (down lighter and up lighter).
  • 14 W lamps of 900 mm length (2 ft.) each in cool daylight colour(6500 K).
  • Bright illumination (1150 lumens) for examination and reading.
  • Additional night safety LED lamp with heat resistive base.
  • Dimensions:   (2 ft.) 610 mm L x 105 mm D x 110 mm H
  • Dimensions:   (3 ft.) 915 mm L x 105 mm D x 110 mm H