This system manages the registration of advanced & current patients’ appointments, along with orderly collection of payments, patient-calls to the assigned consulting rooms by the concerned doctors & finally provision for immediate logging of doctor’s examination reports –  if required. Connectivity with the hospitals’ HIS is an option.

  • Displays can be wide screen LCD displays panels or high visibility LED displays in Patient waiting areas.
  • Log in screen where doctor can log his/her presence & also location for the day. Doctor just clicks his name from a drop-down menu.
  • Module available on the Doctors’ PC Terminal for calling patients, sending a reminder call or pressing the ‘BUSY’ button.
  • System suitable for doctors not always occupying the same examination room number  everyday.
  • Before calling the next patient a doctor can call for a report screen & type a brief report on the patient just examined.
  • Reports can be retained on system memory for a predetermined period before automatic erasure.
  • Appointment chart made available to doctor on his PC terminal.
  • The system can be linked to the hospital HIS.
  • OPDQMS can also retrieve data from the HIS like Patients’ ID, list of charges, OPD Procedures, list of Doctors, etc.